Let's play! With games for the young and old.

Before visiting the museum you can amuse yourself with some games, such as memory, a puzzle, dots or search-the-wheel. It’s fun! Try it out.

The Memory game is suitable for the youngest players but the images also spark the enthusiasm of the older ones too. The puzzle tests many skills: Shapes and pieces of an image create an excitement for the picture of the real Ljubljana speciality. Dots teach us to count and wheels help us turn the world.


Memory Do you remember your first visit to the museum? Do you remember what you ate yesterday? Do you remember what you saw on the way here? No? Well, then you must practice your memory a bit! Try it out with a fun game! Look for those pairs of interesting items that were used a long time before us! » more


Puzzle The cart is composed from various parts: a wheel, axle, several plates.... What did the cart look like several thousands of years ago and what did the crannog dwellers transport with it? Compose the picture and you will see what the cart looked like. » more


Dots How high can you count? How precise are you when you are counting? See the numbers and connect them in order. What do you think will appear? » more

Find the wheels

Find the wheels Have you ever seen how this world revolves? What kind of wheels are on cars, excavator machines, tractors, bikes? Each vehicle has wheels that are a bit different, don’t they? Think and find the right wheel for the right vehicle. » more