Families and children

The palace in the middle of Ljubljana is an interesting place to foster a child's curiosity and various experiences. You can choose from family entertainment, birthday celebrations and other adventures! And right here, on the internet, you can explore the past in a fun way: with games for young and old, with quizzes and other paths to knowledge!

Birthday celebrations - Happy Birthday!

Two hours in the City Museum of Ljubljana can be completely different every time! Invite your friends to a birthday party with Smolca the Pirate or Argonauts. Hunt Emona treasure or hear unusual noises. Together we dance and sing, we play and have fun!

Come and have a really nice time! » more

Let's play! With games for the young and old.

Let's play! With games for the young and old. Before visiting the museum you can amuse yourself with some games, such as memory, a puzzle, dots or search-the-wheel. It’s fun! Try it out.

The Memory game is suitable for the youngest players but the images also spark the enthusiasm of the older ones too. The puzzle tests many skills: Shapes and pieces of an image create an excitement for the picture of the real Ljubljana speciality. Dots teach us to count and wheels help us turn the world. » more

Family guide

Family guide The exhibition Wheel, 5200 years with family guide. » more