The City Museum of Ljubljana holds the several-thousand year old cultural heritage of the area of Ljubljana. This includes history from the 4500 year old prehistoric settlements known as pile dwellings (koliščarske naselbine) to today's attractive capital of Slovenia, from the ancient city of Emona to the formation of the current economic, political, administrative and creative centre.
The City Museum of Ljubljana was established by the Municipality in 1935.
The mission of the City Museum of Ljubljana is the recording, documentation, preservation, study and presentation of the movable cultural heritage in the area of the Ljubljana region. The museum’s collection includes over 200,000 units of museum objects, which cover the several-thousand year old heritage of the area of Ljubljana. This is where the extraordinary find of the oldest wooden wheel with a wooden axle in the world belongs.
Ever since its establishment, the museum has been housed at the Baroque Auersperg Palace in the centre of Ljubljana. In 2004, the Auersperg Palace was renovated into a modern museum inside the protected cultural heritage.
At the City Museum of Ljubljana, you can see the interactive and thematic-based permanent exhibition on the history of Ljubljana and its residents, or you visit the Museum for the sake of the ongoing temporary exhibitions.

At the museum, visitors take part in a wide range of events intended for adults, families and school groups. The lectures, round tables, projections, management, workshops, courses, concerts and other events are adapted to the different needs and desires of the visitors.